3 Radical Shifts to Be a Priority in Your Life.....Without the Feelings of Guilt or Shame...

choose to be a priority and reduce overwhelm, stress, and expectations in your life

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Hi there, I'm glad you are here!

I imagine you are because you identify with always doing a million other things for everyone else and not having time for you. 

And you most likely identify with the guilt and shame that comes with wanting time for yourself. 

I was just like you and I totally get it! 

Change starts from within. 

In this webinar I will show you how to Shift Into Your Life and in turn: 

  • reduce overwhelm by seeing a new way
  • reduce stress by feeling inspired 
  • reduce expectations by choosing your experience

Where you are at is not the problem! 

The problem is not realizing your option to choose. 

In this master class I am going to share with you how I became a priority in my life. 

I am going to teach you the 3 Radical Shifts that changed my life and you can use them immediately in your life!

ALL you need is a desire to shed the weight of the world that you have been carrying. 

I have guided many people like you and me through these 3 Radical Shifts. 

Today is the day you choose to get lighter! 

Register now and I look forward and I look forward to seeing you soon...


Presented by


Tracey McDonald - Yoga Lifestyle Coach

Tracey guides individuals with knowledge and tools on how to be a priority in their life and in turn fulfill a desire for balance and everyday peace of mind. 

Melinda Hynes

Tracey has helped me to not only get clear on my life vision and goals, but she has shown me how to be more patient and forgiving of myself. 

Tracey is an exceptionally trained Yoga lifestyle coach. She brought all of her skills and training together to help create personal clarity through her masterclass. 

I felt Tracey was more like a guidance counselor than anything else. She guided me to understand myself and what I truly wanted.